Introducing the perfect toddler shoe

Rubber soled baby shoes

Tiny Treadz are affordable, cute, and fun.

No more struggling to put on socks and shoes and then realising you’ve lost a shoe somewhere. Tiny Treadz are as easy to pull on as socks. They have a flexible rubber sole which allows toddlers feet to move, flex and spread in the natural form of their feet. 

You’ll notice your toddler growing in confidence as they feel more stable. They’ll trip and slip less which means less bumps and bruises. 

rubber sole sock shoe

Before placing your order check the sizing chart as Australian sizing can differ quite a bit between one brand and another and getting the right size is important. Identify the right size for your toddler, place your order and get ready to watch them tread safely.

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Customers Thoughts

Like new after washing
My grandson loves his Tiny Treadz! They look great and are easy to pull on and off- but they are secure and don’t fall off when sitting, like his other shoes. They come up like new after washing in the washing machine.
Anne – Budgewoi