6 Creative Christmas gift ideas for toddlers

Christmas is fast approaching and what better gift to give your little one than shoes that are comfortable, easy and trendy!

Toddlers are drawn to the bright colours of Tiny Treadz and once they put them on they never want to take them off … some even wearing them to bed! Tiny Treadz are a unique Christmas gift that both mums and bubs will appreciate and we would love to see them in all those Christmas stockings out there! Visit www.tinytreadz.com.au

Personally, I love the idea of giving Tiny Treadz because I love to give gifts that are a little bit different, as I’m sure many do. So what other unique gifts are available? I have scoured the online shopping world and put together a small list of innovative gifts that stood out to me.


Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether.

Vulli Giraffe TeetherThis is a hugely popular teether originating in France. Sophie is a cute and unique teething toy that babies can grab and move around in their hand easily. She even squeaks!

http://www.vulli.fr/en/the-sophie-la-girafe-story.html – available from many Australian retailers.





Gymnic Rody Horse.

Gymnic rody horse

Remember the inflatable balls we used to bounce along on?? Well check out the Rody Horse! This adorable soft riding toy is not only great fun but provides tremendous developmental value to toddlers by testing and aiding their abilities in balance, coordination and gross motor skills.






Hape Animals Memory Game.

Hape Memory GameMemory games are engaging and entertaining, and this set is adorable with its beautifully illustrated pictures. This game will encourage observational, memory and recognition skills whilst aiding in language development.





Leapfrog Shapes & Sharing picnic basket.

leap frogThe vibrant colours of this toy will draw any little ones attention! Many aspects of learning are enjoyed with the Shapes & Sharing picnic basket, such as colours, shapes, sharing, manners and motor skills.






Smarcks Smart Blocks.

Smarks BlocksI think these can only be purchased directly from the US, but I have included them as they are such a unique and innovative idea. Kids love building blocks, well these blocks talk! The blocks are able to recognise and remember the blocks they are stacked on and teach littlies about colours, counting, spelling, shapes, maths and music.





We’re mums and we know how stressful Christmas time can be.  We don’t endorse or have any commercial interest in any of these products but we hope it gives you some inspiration to find those unique Christmas gift ideas for toddlers!

Happy shopping, Leah!