tiny treadz whippetTiny Treadz was created by sisters Leah Vekve and Francine Bishop. Leah and Francine had babies at virtually the same time, in fact only days apart with their first and weeks apart with their second.

Both experienced the challenge of finding shoes for toddlers as they learned to walk. Most times toddler shoes were designed only for looks. As soon as their little ones attempted to walk they would stumble, stagger and trip, and ultimately their shoes would come off. Of course not the safest option, especially in public places.

Toddler shoesLeah and Francine had 2 nephews arrive in 2011, and as the boys began to walk they watched them have the typical trips and slips and decided there must be a solution.

After lots of research and investigation, Tiny Treadz Toddler Shoes was the solution they had been searching for. The proof really was in the pudding when the boys tried the shoes and instantly became more stable and confident little toddlers. The boys didn’t pull at the shoes or fuss about putting them on. They actually seemed to enjoy walking in their Tiny Treadz.

Francine and Leah are passionate, loving and caring working mums. Leah is a midwife and Francine a business owner, the two meshed to develop a strong foundation for the commencement of Tiny Treadz. They believe Tiny Treadz are a brilliant solution for caring parents who want to keep their baby safe as they begin investigating their surroundings.