Demonstration – toddler learning to walk with shoes

toddler learn to walk videoI just stumbled across this video on YouTube and it demonstrates so clearly how rigid shoes affect toddlers’ balance  (and their feet) as they learn to walk. Have a look and I’m sure you’ll see how Tiny Treadz toddler shoes will help your little one as they learn to walk. (As a disclosure, we dont’ know the people who created the video in 2012, and have used the video directly from YouTube.)


This is the video description on the YouTube channel “Check out a 14 month old’s gait differences when wearing barefoot minimalist slippers to typical athletic shoes. It shoes how typical children’s shoes prevent toddlers from using their foot muscles. They “learn” to walk in stiff shoes never gaining the foot strength and proprioceptive skills necessary to prevent later in life foot problems.”

There is a more in depth explanation of the importance of soft soled shoes and the impact of shoes the foot and balance of a toddler as they learn to walk.