Shoe Socks, Sock Shoes – Whatever You Call Them, They’re The Hottest New Trend For Toddlers

If toddlers could talk I’m sure they’d be saying thank you. Well that’s what our customers are telling us anyway.

So many of our clients tell us on a regular basis how grateful they are that they came across a shoe for their toddler that is so easy for their baby to wear and doesn’t affect them trying to walk.

One of the main reasons we looked into this product is because we (Francine and Leah, sisters who own Tiny Treadz) both have children and now lots of nieces and nephews.  We were talking one day about how some toddlers can manage with a harder, stiffer shoe and others just get so incredibly frustrated by them that they refuse to keep them on their feet.

I remember having terrible arguments with my daughter over shoes. She hated anything I put on her. I remember thinking that it was just her determination and she just didn’t want to do what I wanted her to do. But I realize now it wasn’t just rebelliousness, she must have felt constrained, off balance and unnatural in shoes. She walked very early and I guess the shoes put her off balance.

When I’ve looked into the science it makes a lot of sense. Their little feet are different to ours. They are mostly fat, cartilage and ligaments (with not many bones until later). When they’re learning to walk their feet are meant to flatten and spread out, with their toes spreading and therefore giving them a wider surface to feel and navigate the ground below them. On top of that, there are many sensory things happening during the learning process for toddlers as they learn to explore.

Really, shoes are purely for protection for fashion.

I wish I had sock shoes for my kids. I hope I didn’t do any damage to their feet when I put them in shoes sometimes! I’m sure our emotional scars, from the fighting and tantrums, are in the past. And I’m glad our customers don’t have to experience the same as we did. J

So call them shoe socks or sock shoes or whatever you like – they’re a sanity saver for many.