So you’re wondering what size shoe does my baby need?

Every baby grows at their own pace, and shoe sizing varies between brands so we recommend measuring your babies foot to determine the right size Tiny Treadz for your baby.

Tiny Treadz are conveniently sized at intervals to suit your baby’s growing foot.

The easiest way to measure your babies foot is to stand them on a piece of paper and mark the tip of their longest toe and their heel on the paper. If your baby can not stand you can sit them on your lap with their knee bent and foot flat on the floor.

Measure the distance from heel to toe and refer to the sizing chart below to determine the Tiny Treadz size you need for your baby.

All Tiny Treadz shoes are 1cm longer than the foot size, as recommended by podiatrists, to allow for movement and growth. 

What size shoe does my baby need